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Mad! 1.5 billion US dollars

If you guess correctly here, you can win big prizes!

in the United States the lottery Powerball will be drawn Sunday night (3.59 a.m. German time) with an incredible $1.5 billion. It’s the 3rd biggest US Grand Prix ever!

Previously, 1.2 billion could have been won on Thursday night – but for the 39th time in a row, NOBODY has taken the jackpot. The last major Powerball award was on August 3 of this year. The lucky one earned $206.9 million.

In Powerball, five prime numbers of 69 are written, as well as some kind of excellent numbers of 26. The chance of winning is 1 in 292 million. For comparison: with the German Lotto 6 out of 49 it is 1 in 140 million.

How do you participate?

▶ ︎ First of all, important: if you want everything to go well, you should keep your hands off the online lottery.

The Consumer Advice Center warns: “With the online black lotto, you are betting on the results of the state lottery, that is, on the result of the lottery numbers. You are not even participating in the actual lottery itself.”

As a result, no one has the right to pay the winnings of German lottery companies, for example. And: “It is doubtful that you will receive revenue from online betting with companies based abroad.”

▶ ︎ Another possibility: You know someone who is in the US right now and ask them to buy your lottery ticket. This can also be a German citizen. In principle, anyone can participate in the lottery on the site, including tourists. Enough if you are in the US.

▶ ︎ This results in another option: you can also travel to the United States on your own. Round-trip flights to New York, for example, are sometimes available from €330 per person. Just to fill out a lottery ticket that can be a little silly. But those who wanted to travel there anyway can now please the trip with some hope in the lottery.

▶ ︎ Or: Try your luck at Eurojackpot Draw on Friday. You can play at any German kiosk – just like online lotteries in the federal states.

There is at least 120 million euros you can get. And let’s be honest: the amount is no less than 1.5 billion.


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