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This is where Barbook gets the raw

Three days, three cities, two countries – and then things really start in Münster.

Foreign Minister Annalena Barbock, 41, the Greens, had a tight program behind her when she landed in Münster on Wednesday night for the G7 summit.

▶ ︎ The start of the week with her inaugural visit to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan has been tightly scheduled and focused on the burgeoning trade relations between Germany and Central Asia.

distance Kazakhs Uzbeks also want to deepen trade relations with Germany.

It was hard to miss: Barbuk accompanied the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan Vladimir Norov (67) from landing to departure. Only during a visit to the women’s shelter, in which men are not allowed, did he briefly leave her side.

Barbuk with Uzbek Foreign Minister Vladimir Norov (67) in Tashkent

Barbuk with Uzbek Foreign Minister Vladimir Norov (67) in Tashkent

Photo: IMAGO / photothek

At every opportunity she was given bouquets of flowers, and in many places I traveled, the newly planted borders bloomed – as if by chance in the colors of Germany. As the delegation of businessmen who traveled with them said to what extent the Uzbeks were assimilated.

At times, observers were presented with a contradictory picture: Barbuk, the foreign minister of the Green Party, stands on the edge of the open-pit “Kalmacir” mine in Uzbekistan. When environmentalists talk about “terrestrial exploitation,” they mean such massive craters. He didn’t shout “Lützi stay” here.

The mine is 4.2 kilometers long, 1.7 kilometers wide, and 600 meters deep – up to 300 million tons of ore can be mined here every year. Baerbock asks about participating materials and participating companies. The answer must be realistic to the minister: There are no Germans.

This changed the task of Baerbock.

While you are at home Approval of greens is declining And her fellow party member is the Minister of Economy Robert Habeck, 53, is under severe criticismBarbock tries to establish new business relationships. “Look here, the Greens can also do things differently,” seems to be their message to the German businessmen they traveled with.

Barbuk at the World Heritage Site Registan in Uzbekistan

Barbuk at the World Heritage Site Registan in Uzbekistan

Photo: Fabian Sommer / d

Nurov to Bild: “We want to import German machinery for farming, we need more supermarkets, we have large mineral deposits, and we want to work with the Germans in mining.” The fact that the Greens in Germany are demonstrating against mining is not a problem for him: ” I hear it for the first time today! No need to worry about environmental protection, because “the trains in the mine are electric – 200 kilometers!”

Certainly not what the Green Party means to protect the environment.

“In all the talks we clearly felt an interest in closer political and economic cooperation with the European Union,” said Bundestag Member Ruben Wagner (42, Greens), who traveled with him to BILD.


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