Pollution is on the rise in the southwest


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COVID-19: Pollution is on the rise in the southwest
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The numbers linked to Covid-19 are declining nationally and are a bit more reassuring. But the president, Emmanuel Macron, has called for vigilance and to keep signs of the barrier for now. And for good reason: in some parts of France, contaminations persist. This is the case in six counties in the southwest, particularly in the Pyrenees-Atlantic.

Is this the end of neglect on the shores of the Atlantic coast? In southwestern France, health authorities are reporting an increase in contamination with Covid-19. In this case in Charente-Maritime, Charente, Gironde, Landes, Lot-Et-Garonne and Pyrénées Atlantiques. In Biarritz, we can see a relaxation of the barrier gestures. If France’s overall infection rate continues to decline, the Pyrenees-Atlantique curve jumps slightly to 110 per 100,000. It is 228 for those aged 10-19, and 270 for those aged 20-29.

In La Rochelle (Charente Maritime), the circulation of the virus is still stable and advanced. The number of positive tests has been increasing every day for a week, as a result of removing strikes from Nadia Baron, GP. “We’re getting more results at the moment. The positivity rate is also going up. It’s definitely linked to a reduction in barrier gestures.”

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