Home science Pollen can increase virus transmission

Pollen can increase virus transmission

Pollen can increase virus transmission

The presence of pollen would enhance the transmission of Covid-19… This is suggested by a new study published June 22 in the journal. fluid physics. According to scientists, this will be necessary Exercise extreme caution in outdoor gatherings during the pollination season.

The study is carried forward independent, led by Taleb Dabouk and Dimitris Drikakis from the University of Nicosia, Cyprus. They found, in fact, a file Correlation between coronavirus infection rates and mapping of pollen concentrations.

When a person coughs or sneezes, viral particles suspended in the air can attach to pollen, which in turn is dispersed by the wind. So when a person inhales the fine granules of pollen where the virus is delivered, there is Airborne riskExplain the researchers.

Physical distance is not enough

Another problem: the study revealed that the presence of pollen will also affect the airborne viral load, causing a Increased risk of infection. Another worrying fact: These contaminated pollen grains can travel longer distances than droplets of liquid saliva. And therefore, It may infect more people.

The scientists then urge residents to be vigilant, especially in areas where there are trees and plants that release a lot of weeds. According to the study, the physical distance between individuals of two meters may be insufficient.

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