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Pixel 5 & Pixel 4a 5G: Google has already stopped production of the two 2020 Pixel smartphones


Google is preparing for the next generation of Pixel smartphones Before: After the introduction of the Pixel 5a and the announcement of the Pixel 6, both previous models will soon no longer be available in Google’s first stores. Beside Pixel 4a 5G Beside Pixel 5 Not available in the US anymore. For German fans, too, that means speed is key.

Pixel 5

This just became Pixel 5a phone Introduction, they say goodbye to the 2020 generation and create space for new devices: A Google spokesperson has now confirmed that the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 will not be produced – so only stock will be sold. According to last week’s information, the Pixel 4a will continue to be in production and therefore it will be available for a little longer.

The production halt does not mean that smartphones will not be available after a few days. Sometimes it takes weeks or even months, because dealers’ warehouses may still be full and the last machines from production facilities may still be on the way. However, it should not take much time if you are interested. And this is how he sits Google’s weird product strategy Away. Because it is very likely that the Pixel 5 will be sold before the Pixel 6 is officially introduced.

In this country, until the Pixel 6 goes on sale, only the Pixel 4a will be available, but it also likely won’t have a long time to production. By the way, the fact that the Google Store is taking current smartphones out of its range after less than 12 months is nothing new but the norm. However, this leads to a strange situation again.

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