Peter Schmeichel: Liverpool? The city? Why Bayern won the Champions League! – Soccer Champions League

Peter Schmeichel: Liverpool?  The city?  Why Bayern won the Champions League!  – Soccer Champions League

Liverpool FC and Manchester City started their respective favorites in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. No Bavarians …

And how does it go?

Many former stars have dedicated themselves to English television broadcaster Sky before the start of the quarterfinals. For example, former French international and former Arsenal striker Thierry Henry (44), Bayern and Liverpool won their quarter-final doubles, while the “Reds” then won against Munich – but lost in the final against Manchester City.


And the Oscar goes …
De Lict’s uncomfortable performance!

What: DAZN

Former Liverpool player Jamie Carragher (44) saw it differently. He says: Liverpool beat Benfica first, then Bayern and Mancity in the final.

On the other hand, what the goalkeeper legend Peter Smichel (58) predicted is interesting!

Dane, who has stood between Manchester United positions for many years and won the dramatic Champions League final against the Munich in the last minute with the “Red Devils” in 1999, is confident: “Bayern will win the Champions League this year!”

His son Caspar, who plays for English club Leicester City, explains his preference: ‚ÄúThere is more going on in Liverpool and Mancity. They fight each other in the league. You are under a lot of pressure. Bayern and Real Madrid, on the other hand, have advanced so far in their league. You can pause the players and they can prepare for these fights. Man City and Liverpool can’t do that. That alone will make a difference this season. We have all gone through those stages and we know how hard it is. A little mistake and everything will fall apart.

For the former keeper, it is clear that Real Madrid will win against Chelsea and eliminate Man City in the semi-finals. Munich, on the other hand, will beat Villarreal first, then beat Liverpool to win the final against Los Blancos.



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