Open your mouth, open your ears - MVZ Bautzen with new shows

The Medical Care Center of the Bautzen Hospital is expanding its medical range. The Pediatric Audiology section has been added to the Ear, Nose and Throat section. This includes diagnosing and treating diseases and disorders of speech, voice, swallowing and hearing disorders. Patients are scheduled for an appointment upon presentation of a referral from their GP.

Range of services at a glance

• Basic vocal care

Outpatient presentation of patients with abnormalities of voice, speech, language and swallowing in adults and children.

• Basic hearing care for children

Auditory diagnosis of peripheral and central hearing disorders as well as central auditory processing and perception disorders (AVWS) and dyslexia (LRS). Treatments that can be performed begin on an outpatient basis.

Newborn hearing test

Registration of hearing-impaired children: diagnosis before the third month at the latest and care before the sixth month of life.

  • Stage 1: Initial examination or follow-up of newborns and infants
  • Step 2: Controlling the hearing examination after the initial clear examination.
  • If the impressive test result is confirmed, the patient is referred to stage 3.

• Diagnosis of dysphagia

Diagnose swallowing difficulties, perform flexible endoscopic evaluation of the act of swallowing (FEES). This examination is also required to develop a treatment plan and to monitor progress.


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