Armpit knot: This is important now

What are armpit lumps?

Anyone who finds lump in the armpit often suspects it to be the worst. However, as a rule, it is not a tumor or a serious disease like cancer – but an enlarged lymph nodes, better known in technical terms as Nodus lymphoideus. Lymph nodes in the body are responsible for filtering tissue water, also called lymph fluid. Each person has about 600 to 700 of these lymph nodes, which are hidden not only under the armpit, but throughout the body. Lymph nodes can also be found on the neck or in the groin, for example.

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Cause of swollen lymph nodes

Usually, the lymph nodes under the armpit or in the neck cannot be felt. If there is painful swelling of the lymph nodes, this is usually a sign of disease. Your immune system is in full swing and your body is fighting off an infection or pathogen. Lymph node swelling often occurs in association with a fever and can be caused by, among other things:

How long does a swollen lymph node last?

Solid armpit lymph nodes are not dangerous in most cases, although they can cause pain and are sensitive to the touch. Harmless causes such as the flu often subside after a few days – which also causes pressure-sensitive bumps to go away.

A lump under the armpit does not go away – what to do?

If the swelling of the lymph node persists for more than three weeks, you should Go to the doctor. Even if the swollen lumps are only under one armpit. This is especially true if you do not have other symptoms of an infection, such as tiredness or a sore throat.

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If symptoms persist such as night sweats, loss of face, or the presence of pus from the lymph node, you should act immediately and As soon as possible a Visit the doctor. Experts know the difference between harmless swollen lymph nodes and a potentially serious cause. A doctor can make a reliable diagnosis and start appropriate treatment. Your first point of contact is yours family doctor.


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