Opel factory in Rüsselsheim, Hessen.

Opel factory in Rüsselsheim, Hessen.

  • The service provider sells SGR products and expensive equipment for several thousand euros on eBay classifieds in the Rüsselsheim region.
  • Inform an insider “work week”The machines come from the Opel car factory.
  • The employees are worried about the news. Many now fear for their jobs.

Anyone who has been on eBay classifieds for the past few days and searched the Hessen-Rüsselsheim area may have come across some unusual offers. Service provider SGR Products recently started offering expensive equipment on its resale platform – and really expensive. Including 15,990 euro lathe or one double girder gantry crane For 178,500 euros. The machines come from Rüsselsheim, the place where the Opel Motor Company makes its cars. Insider Reports in “work week” From dismantling these machines, which is why employees now fear losing their jobs.

SGR specializes in the sale of used machinery or systems from business closings or relocation. According to the insider, the new offers on Ebay classifieds are coming from the shaping and making of Opel’s tools. The sale of work equipment to many employees of the car manufacturer is worrying employees. The news reached many of them on vacation. Is your business in danger?

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“Putting the machines on classified ads on Ebay where you don’t even have to pay for the ad shows that Opel doesn’t appreciate its employees,” says an Opel employee from Wirtschaftswoche. The fear is unfounded. Opel has already advised employees from its molding and tooling divisions in the past to leave the company through severance payments, partial retirement, early retirement or a transfer company. According to Opel, there is a shortage of orders.

Employees now argue that the exclusion of redundant employees has only been extended until July 2025 in early 2020. But in fact, the sale of the device could be part of Opel’s modernization plan. The automaker wants to produce exclusively electric cars from 2028.

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