Mint Green Army: Germany arrives for the Olympic opening ceremony.

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At the opening ceremony, the German Olympic team wore a costume that was familiar to some. Some athletes complained about this, the supplier commented.

TOKYO – The time has come between Denmark and Toko: the German Olympic * team is allowed to attend the grand opening ceremony in Tokyo. However, very quickly, many spectators rubbed their eyes – what are they wearing? The clothing of German athletes was not only mocked online.

Some athletes are not particularly interested in choosing clothes. German basketball players Mao Lo and Niels Kifi complained in advance. “Who is responsible for this outfit?”, Lo asked on his Instagram channel and threw up his hands in surprise. His teammate Niels Kiffy added: “Who will bring it?”

Basketball player Mao Lo did not like his Olympic outfit.

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Olympia: German clothing causes outrage – “terrible color combination”

The German Olympians wore a white dress with a mint green shirt and neon yellow accents, the men wore dark green trousers and the women wore a mint green skirt. Everyone had neon yellow shoes.

Numerous German fans mocked the unique decor on the internet. “No one can snatch the gold medal for ugly clothes,” one Twitter user firmly believes. “The prize for the most horrible color combination: Germany!”, Another comment. “It might work for a frenzied party, but not for such an occasion. Who did it now?”

Olympia: Adidas Germany justifies itself to clothing

Basketball player Low spoke directly to supplier Adidas about his criticism. After many reactions, the sportswear manufacturer defended itself dpa: “Outfits for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo were donated in early May and received many positive comments,” a company spokesman said. “The involvement of the athletes is very important to us and is guaranteed at every stage of the design process.”

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Clothing does not have a negative effect on athletic performance. There was a lot going on at the opening ceremony – you can read the highlights in our live ticker. (epp) * is a privilege IPPEN.MEDIA


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