Corruption risks?  Son Hunter makes it hard to explain Joe Biden

Hunter Biden is now offering his own paintings for sale, said to be worth up to half a million dollars. Critics warn that businessmen may want to gain influence in the White House in this way.

Artwork by the son of US President Hunter Biden has caused the White House Press Department to be in trouble. President Joe Biden’s spokeswoman Jen Psaki on Friday attempted to address concerns that the sale of Hunter’s paintings poses a corruption risk.

Businessman, lawyer, and hobby painter Hunter Biden had recently begun exhibiting his work at the George Berg Gallery in New York and also offered for sale. According to media reports, the paintings could sell for up to half a million dollars. Critics warn that businessmen or others can only buy art to gain influence in the White House.

Investigations into tax violations

President Biden’s office responded by announcing “appropriate security precautions”: “At galleries of Hunter’s work, his artworks will be sold by the gallery owner and names and people will be treated in the strictest confidence,” Psaki said in early July.

However, that wouldn’t stop the buyer of the paintings from telling Hunter in person that he had bought his art. When Psaki was asked about this possibility, she simply said that strict rules would apply. “He wouldn’t know. He wouldn’t know who to buy his art.”

Hunter Biden is one of the favorite destinations of former President Donald Trump. In the 2020 election campaign, the then incumbent repeatedly emphasized the economic interests of his rival’s son in Ukraine and China. Investigations into tax irregularities are also underway against the 51-year-old.

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