It is true that they do not look friendly. Compared to many spiders in this country, Nurse Thornfinger spiders have clearly visible jaw claws and – oh shock: a part of their body glows red and orange in warning colors. Recently, Berliners and Brandenburgers have been unable to avoid reports of these small animals and their bites. According to some media reports, the spread of these spiders in the region is increasing due to climate change. They first come from the Mediterranean region.

Toxic nurse thumb, whose occurrence has caused increasing discomfort in this country in recent years, is a spider. The nurse is also talking about the thorny spider.

Warnings often explained with spiders are handled on social media: for example, be careful when running and relaxing in the meadow. Because the nurse was bitten by jeans, he was dangerous and even very strong in the uprising in the capital. A Twitter user who goes on vacation jokingly writes that when he returns, no one will live here anymore.

At the request of the German Press Agency, experts claim that these spiders are widespread in Germany – in areas with high grass. Not just from yesterday. They get mixed up in the frenzy of the debate.

Jens Esser, a Berlin entomologist from the entomological community “Orion”, discovered his first nurse’s thumb many years ago in a barren land in Berlin-Mitte. At the time, he did not immediately know what he was seeing. Meanwhile, he frequently saw small creatures and occasionally collected a sample from a spider expert. The incident in Berlin has been documented for at least ten years, he insists.



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