Not in the spotlight: Melania Trump probably doesn't want to go back to the White House

Not in the spotlight
Melania Trump does not want to return to the White House

It remains unclear whether Donald Trump will really run again in 2024. It seems that he cannot count on the support of his wife. Melania Trump is said to have no desire to return to the White House and apparently does not want to support her husband’s campaign either.

While former US President Donald Trump has been constantly juggling a new nomination for the 2024 election, his wife Melania has become noticeably quiet. After leaving the White House earlier this year, the former first lady has largely withdrawn from the spotlight. Obviously, it must remain that way.

As CNN reported, the 51-year-old does not want to return to the White House if her husband wins the election. Accordingly, Melania told her friends that she did not want to support her husband’s political ambitions either. Someone you knew told the announcer, “Being first lady again isn’t what you want.” “It was a chapter for them — and it’s over, and that’s it.”

Since Trump was voted to leave office, Melania has been living in seclusion at the family’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. Avoid public appearances. Previous reports indicate that Melania Trump is said to be “happy and relieved” about regaining her privacy. “She likes it that way,” CNN quoted a CNN insider as saying. “The more she’s able to be private and not in public, the better.”

On the other hand, Donald Trump regularly appears at major Republican events. If he really ran again, the 75-year-old would have to appear on his campaign trail without his wife. As CNN reported, Lara Trump, wife of Trump’s son Eric, or Kimberly Gilfoyle, girlfriend of Trump’s son Donald Jr., could intervene in the breach. Already in the 2016 election campaign, Melania was rarely seen next to her husband. Even during her tenure as First Lady, she rarely appeared and gave only a few interviews.

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