South Tyrol storm: mudslides wreak havoc - with dire consequences
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Severe storms hit South Tyrol again during the night. Mudslides and landslides erupted. Cars stuck in lumps of mud. More heavy rain has been announced.

Bolzano – In South Tyrol, thunderstorms accompanied by heavy rain led to mudslides and rockslides. A mudslide hit a farm in Redana. The cars were hit by a mudslide, the regional association of South Tyrol volunteer firefighters announced via Twitter.

Landslides after a storm in South Tyrol

A rocky waterfall spilled onto a hiking trail near Merano. Water levels in streams and rivers rose rapidly. According to the state administration, up to 80 liters per square meter has fallen in some regions. The Passeiertal region, the Brenner region, and the Wipptal region were hit hard. In Sterzing, the fire brigade moved due to flooding in underground parking lots.

In the past few days, heavy rain has fallen in the holiday region of South Tyrol. The Isak River overflowed its banks. the Brennerstraße closed due to landslides *. The soil is moist and hardly absorbs more rain. The situation is under control, but the second warning level of the civil protection situation remains, according to the authorities. On Sunday, more thunderstorms with showers were announced, especially in North South Tyrol.

The day before, the state administration had warned of heavy rain and thunderstorms. On the other hand, southern Italy fights with heat and fires. Meteorologists predict A new hot wave in the Mediterranean*. (Ml) * is a show of IPPEN.MEDIA

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