Niko Santos is again involved in German rap - there's also Samra and Siddo

Niko Santos (center) starts off with the double German rap power: Along with rapper Seydou (right) and Samra (left), the pop singer released “Leereehand” (photo montage)

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On Friday (April 9, 2021) Niko Santos announced the song “Empty Hand” – with the participation of rapper Seydou and Samra. No wonder: the pop star is well connected with German rap and has already been active as a co-author of popular musicians on the hip-hop scene.

Berlin – not just the microphone on stage, But also with a pen at handNiko Santos (28) has been causing a buzz in the German music industry for years: The Bremen-born pop singer is not only active musically, but also works as a co-author and successful writer for several prominent stars, including Helen Fischer (36), Fair Tall (42) or Lena Mayer-Landrot (29). The 28-year-old also seems to feel at home in German rap – Friday (April 9, 2021) with rapper Seydou (40) and Samra (26), two of the hottest acts on German hip-hop-scene Jump post “Empty Hands”. It is by far Not Santos’ first collaboration With artists from the local rap world.

Niko Santos is well connected with the German music industry: the pop star sang “Best” in 2019 with ESC winner Lena Meyer-Landrut (left) – he’s now releasing a new song with rapper Seedo and Samra.

© Britta Pedersen / dpa / picture alliance

Niko Santos is working with German rap stars Seedo and Samra – a single coming on Friday

Niko Santos officially announced the song “Empty Hand” on Instagram on Tuesday (April 6, 2021). With German rap stars Seedo and Samra running. In a short teaser, the three musicians can be seen lining up against a dark background, while a melancholy and catchy melody is being played at the same time – Maybe the rhythm of the song, Which will be published on Friday (April 9, 2021) via Spotify and Co. Samra also posted a short advertisement clip in which he is sitting smoking in front of a rusty old sports car. The tone you hear there is almost identical to that of Santos’ contribution. It’s entirely possible that the Trio would want to give a pre-glimpse of the number.

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Niko Santos reunites with his special partners The past and future of German rapeseed: While Sido is one of the country’s hip-hop veterans and has helped shape the genre for nearly two decades, Samra is a pioneer of rap music in recent years, having achieved with his debut album “Jibrail & Iblis” in the spring of 2020 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland is number one in the charts. Needless to say, the expectations of “empty hands” are correspondingly high. However, the 28-year-old from Bremen has proven in the past that – Despite its roots in contemporary pop music He definitely has an opinion when it comes to rap.

Niko Santos: He appears with Seydou and Samra – but the pop star has been in German rap for years

The advantage with Seedo and Samra is Just one of many German rap collaborationsTo which Niko Santos has contributed over the years. In this regard, the pop singer is mostly active as a co-author and has already been involved in songwriting by the most famous rapper in the industry: for example, the 28-year-old has worked several times at number one for the four-time rapper Shindy ( 32 years old), and co-published the song “Dreams” (2016). “The Voice of Germany” coach was also allowed to run for former Shindy mentor Bushido (42) and participated in “Papa” (2017), among others. Plus, it’s trusted Also Prinz Bay (41), Fard (36), Ali Bumai (36) or SDP About the musical talent of a singer-songwriter.

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