As of summer 2022: Stefan Raab is bringing scuba diving back - on RTL

From summer 2022
Stefan Raab Returns to Dive – on RTL

Stefan Raab does not want to go back to the cameras. But behind him is still very busy. So the classic show he invented is back on TV: high diving. Coordination is planned from now on from right to left.

Stefan Raab brings his legendary high dive back into TV. However, the program will not be shown on his former home broadcaster ProSieben, but on RTL.

RTL announced that the series will be produced by Raab TV. Rap holds her license. The television event will be produced in the summer of 2022.

The concept of “RTL Tower Jump” is said to be based on previous programmes, but will be adapted for the new terminal. Details of the show will be announced in due course, including how much Stephen Raab himself will be involved in the show. The celebrities who will be on the show and who will run the show are also still open.

TV Retreat 2015

The original program “TV total Turmsprung” was held once a year from 2004 to 2015 and broadcast live on ProSieben. Key Idea: Celebrities try out the technically demanding sport of high diving and are judged based on their jumps. The funny and sometimes hilarious endeavors of celebrities were an integral part of the musical contributions.

Stefan Raab started his television career in the 1990s at the music station Viva. He later moved on to ProSieben, where he developed many different formats and led them to success. In 2015 he announced that he would end his career in front of the camera. In fact, he has rarely appeared in public since then.

However, Rapper remains active behind the scenes. In 2020, for example, he produced a late-night show called “Freshly Roasted Deli” for the RTL group. His company recently brought a new version of their previous show “Total TV” with moderator Sebastian Povbaf to television.

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