NFL and club pay together: Rams move brings St. Louis $790 million

The NFL and the club pay together
The Ramez movement brings Saint Louis 790 million dollars

It is not uncommon for teams to change cities in the NFL. On the other hand, the lawsuit is likely from St. Louis: the city from the US state of Missouri asked for a billion US dollars so that the rams go away. Now the society and the league are ending the legal battle.

Five years after leaving St. Louis and returning to Los Angeles, the NFL and the Rams paid $790 million in compensation to the city of Missouri. She said, in a call from the municipality and the neighborhood, today, Wednesday, that this settlement has been agreed upon.

St. Louis sued the NFL and Rams owner Stan Kroenke for $1 billion in damages after Kroenke sent the Rams back to Los Angeles. This claim is now invalid. The Rams played in Los Angeles until 1995 and then settled in St. Louis until 2016. It’s not uncommon for teams in the major American leagues to change cities. The Los Angeles Chargers played in San Diego until approximately 2017. The Oakland Raiders last moved and have been the Raiders of Las Vegas since 2020.

The mayor of St. Louis welcomes the settlement. “This historic agreement closes a long chapter for our region by securing hundreds of millions of dollars for our communities while avoiding uncertainty about the process and appeal process,” Techora Jones said in a statement.

St. Louis has accused the NFL and Kroenke, however, of breaking rules about transferring a team and, among other things, bringing the district into millions in tax revenue. Several court rulings have so far failed in favor of the plaintiffs. According to reports from the American media, the NFL, Kroenke and the owners of other teams in the league share a sum of $790 million.

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