44-year-old wins two space flights in lottery

You can hardly believe her luck: 44 years Keisha Shafa I entered the lottery WithShe won two tickets to space. It is a special gift for your daughter in many ways.

A woman from the Caribbean state of Antigua and Barbuda has won two tickets totaling $900,000 for a trip to space. 44-year-old Keisha Schaaf wants to take her 17-year-old daughter into space, like the company of British billionaire Virgin Galactic. Richard Branson announced on Wednesday. The teenager is currently studying astrophysics in Great Britain and dreams of a job at NASA.

Keisha Schaaf participated in a lottery on an online platform that raised money for an NGO that wants to give people access to space. The minimum contribution was ten dollars. Over eight weeks, 165,000 people participated, raising $1.7 million. He did not know how much shehaf paid.

“I started screaming”

Branson personally informed the 44-year-old that she had won the two tickets, each worth $450,000 – and surprised her at home. “I thought I’d just do a Zoom chat,” Schaaf told AFP. “When Richard Branson came I started screaming. I couldn’t believe it.”

On July 11, Branson flew into space on a globally recognized test flight with one of his company’s space planes. Commercial operations are scheduled to begin at the end of 2022. Virgin Galactic says it has sold about 700 tickets. The company competes with private space provider Blue Origin, which is owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

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