New season
  • On January 3rd, “Die Geissens” will start a new season.
  • This time it will be mainly about the departure of the two daughters, Davina and Shania.
  • In an interview, they revealed how the family deals with domestic separation.

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Starting January 3 (every Monday, 8:15pm on RTLzwei) one of Germany’s most famous TV families will return: Carmen and Robert Gess and their daughters Davina and Shania performing in “Die Geissens – A Very Charming Family” an insight into the 20th season of their luxurious life.

In an interview with “Spot on News”, the TV family tells the travel destinations they went to at this time and the big changes that were on the agenda of the four of them in their daily lives. Additionally, Robert and Carmen Jess explained what they think about their daughters now having their own television format.

You’re in the US for the upcoming season of “Die Geissens”. Where do you particularly like there and why?

Carmen Gess: We especially love being in Miami. The sun shines there all year round and we are particularly interested in the art scene there. The city also hosts Art Basel in Miami, the perfect place for Shania to delve into the art world.

Robert Jess: In addition, life takes place more or less often by the sea. We’ve already been there with Indigo Star and that was really cool. Whether you are relaxing at the beach, on a yacht or crazy water sports activities. Just the thing for us!

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The Geissens: This is how they choose their travel destinations

You can also go to Dubai, South Tyrol and the Dominican Republic. How do you choose your goals?

Robert: It’s very simple – we have a lot to do and go about our daily business with the camera. In Dubai we have many friends and business partners and we are still looking for suitable properties. This is why we are so often. We’re also in South Tyrol regularly, where we’ll put our athletic skills to the test in new episodes. Hope spectators enjoy Biathlon Jess (smiles).

Carmen: Yeah, and after all that stress, the Jason family also needs a break. We indulged in vacation at Dom-Rep.

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What will viewers see on your travels this time around?

Carmen: First of all, you’ll be watching very new episodes from the USA. We just launched it and were on the road in New York and Miami for it.

Robert: Moreover, Carmen and I are not giving up and are still looking for properties in Dubai. We love the mega city in the desert and we are sure we will still find the right property for us there.

Davina: And don’t forget that Shania and I are leaving.

Carmen: Yeah, it’s a very emotional moment for me as a mother when my girl runs away and leaves the nest.

How was the farewell?

Carmen: Oh, that was hard for me and one or two crocodile tears flowed—especially for me. I mean those are my two little girls. They only went to school and now they’re old enough to go out! But it is all good as is. The two also need something of their own and they have to learn how to handle it on their own.

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Robert: The two always know where to call if something is wrong. And Papa-Robert wouldn’t be Papa-Robert if he didn’t always keep an eye on his daughters as they walked or from our apartment.

Shania Jess: “We’re fine”

How does one live separately?

Shania: I can answer that question easily (smiles). We get along very well. It’s a little less stressful because nobody tells us what to do and when.

Carmen: But when I come by without warning, it’s always very elegant with Davina and Shania. I think Robert and I did some good prep work and it helped when we warned them to tidy up their rooms.

It’s already their 20th season of “Die Geissens”. Did you think you would be on TV for a long time?

Carmen: Never! We are so grateful for every TV year and every subsequent season.

Robert: We live here in Monaco anonymously. Sure, everyone knows each other, but we’re not the “Die Geissens” from TV here.

Davina: Some of our clique don’t even know we have a show. Here we are just Shania and Davina.

When does the point come when you don’t want the TV cameras to accompany you?

Robert: Absolutely – after 1 p.m. When it’s time for the lunch break, it’s already too late for lunch!

Carmen: Well, “Die Geissens” in general is a documentary soap that showcases our lives. We’ve already given our viewers a lot of ideas and are thrilled to do so for our fans. So we allow the public to participate in our adventures for as long as they want to see us.

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Robert: Don’t worry, we’ll continue in the future (laughs).

Shania and Davina should now also have their own coordination. How do you feel as parents and what do viewers see?

Robert: Of course we’re incredibly proud of him. At the end of the day, Davina and Shania live many exciting things with us, or on their own, other teens often can’t help but dream about. I think our audience will enjoy Davina and Shania’s show.

Carmen: Robert, that’s what comes to my mind: We have to negotiate with our daughters about whether we can appear as a guest (laughs).

What do Davina and Shania wish for the future?

Carmen: Successful graduation from school, highly rated special offer, health, happiness, satisfaction and I hope to be a nice in-laws. But everything is in time!

Robert: But first, the in-laws test for me. I’ll take a closer look at them first.
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Carmen Gess and her husband Robert are probably Germany’s most famous millionaire couple. Their daughters now want to quit, but Papa Robert is still in power.


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