Centre de vaccination éphémère à Cahors
The ephemeral vaccination center in Cahors
The ephemeral vaccination center in Cahors (© DR)

a Ephemeral vaccination center It will open on Saturday 24 July 2021 at E. Leclerc . Center From near Bradens Cahors.

Get close to Lotto

In order to speed up the vaccination of the French and Lota, Lott Division Reliable 16 vaccination centers located throughout the territory. In addition to this regional network, Lot Prefecture, Department of ARS Departments and Departmental Fire and Rescue Service They organize a successive process in order to bring vaccination closer to the Lotto family.

With the support of the Fire and Rescue Department, the Red Cross, the Regional Support Platform and Action for a Better Life and the logistical support of the mall, an ephemeral vaccination center will open on Saturday 24. July 2021, starting at 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. at E.Leclerc Center in Bradens, Close Cahors.

No need to make an appointment

It is not necessary to make an appointment. Vaccination with Pfizer will be provided by health professionals from the Fire and Rescue Service.
As a reminder, the vaccination is open to all people 12 years of age and older. Minors can come to the center, accompanied or not, with the permission of the parents.

Along with health care teams and local elected officials, state services are calling on residents of Lot not to relax their vigilance and to respond by participating extensively in public screening and vaccinations. Continuing to respect barrier gestures is also essential.

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