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HomescienceList of the best sunscreens from 60 million consumers

List of the best sunscreens from 60 million consumers

Who says summer says sunscreen! In addition to other preventive measures, it is necessary to avoid sunburn and reduce the risk of skin cancer. But how do you navigate shelves filled with different products? To help families choose the right sunglasses, 60 million consumers In her latest release she revealed her test bench on SPF 50 or 50+ creams and those that make environmental promises.

mixed performance

60 million consumers We are pleased to see that the majority of the sunscreens reviewed are doing well on their promises of UV protection. On the other hand, things go wrong with UV protection, which is not always as effective as it should be with some products. Additionally, the magazine notes that while the protection is effective, the composition isn’t always as clean as one would like.

Thus, the composition is evaluated using Cosmeto’Score. Biotherme, Respire, and Cattier products got good marks there. On the other hand, Klorane’s Gorgeous Sunscreen SPF 50 Polysianes gets a score of C, Lovea a D’s Moisturizing SPF 50 mist, and Nivea an E’s Sunscreen 50+ spray.

Green promises… not always there

Consumer demand for sunscreens is growing: they must be effective, harmless to health and respectful of the environment. However, this year, more than half of solar products have been evaluated by 60 million consumers The mention on the packaging is to protect marine life, with fairly explicit references to the Hawaiian law prohibiting the presence of oxybenzone and octinoxate in sunscreen products. The bill also wants to ban the use of octocrylene and avobenzone from 2023 in this US state.

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And this last molecule is present in many of the products evaluated by the magazine, in particular in these: Sensitive Expert SPF 50+ from Garnier Ambre Solaire, Anthelios SPF 50+ from La Roche-Posay, Protect-AD SPF 50+ from A-Derma, Spray Sunscreen 50+ from Nivea and Sunscreen SPF 50 Polysianes from Klorane.

Most effective sunscreen

The journal conducted laboratory tests. Upon completion, the products were ranked based on their composition, effect on the skin, environmental promise, and directions for use, with the effectiveness of a sunscreen depending a lot on how it is applied. 60 Million reveals the top three products based on these criteria:

  • Biotherm Waterlover Sun Milk 50+ Sun Lotion: In addition to performing well in other points, it is the only one that gets good marks in the Cosmeto’Score. The latter judges both the harmlessness of the composition to health and the environment.
  • Sunscreen, Comforting Milk, Perfect Skin 50+ from Yves Rocher: an effective product, but it comes in second only to the undisguised environmental promises.
  • Max Spray, photoderm 50+ from Bioderma: This sunscreen is effective, but its formula is inferior to that of the first two for Human Health.

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