Monica Lewinsky is producing the Sky series about her relationship with Bill Clinton

“Don’t you think this embarrasses the President of the United States?” , a young woman named Paula Jones (Annalee Ashford) from Arkansas was asked in a television interview on the second episode of “American Crime Story: Impeachment.” You claim the ruler at that time Bill Clinton I exposed myself to her and took sexual steps.

“You know,” says the young lady, “I didn’t do this. He’s the one who did something to me. He put himself in this situation.” It is a re-enactment of a scene seen on American television in June 1994. CNNJournalist Judy Woodruff actually asks that question.

It has been more than twenty-five years since Jones insisted on an apology from the president. She took her case to the Supreme Court; It was to provoke Clinton’s impeachment proceedings. Ryan Murphy’s “Impeachment,” the third season of the “American Crime” series after “The People v. OJ Simpson” and “The Assassination of Gianni Versace” tells it all now, is a retrospective worth watching.

“No sexual relationship”

The central figure of the scandal, of course, was Monica Lewinsky, then twenty-two years. As a White House intern, she had an eighteen-month relationship with Clinton that became public during the trial initiated by Paula Jones. The fact that Clinton asserted under oath that “there was no sexual relationship” with Lewinsky led to charges of perjury, obstruction of justice and eventually impeachment. Clinton escaped trial. Monica Lewinsky became an outcast and the target of endless jokes.


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