Diet: a bodybuilder eats kilograms of raw meat - says the doctor - consultant

Looks like he could eat a whole cow.

And in principle, Brian Johnson does the same. american eats Nose to tail. This means that the slaughtered animal is processed from nose to tail.

Air: Mucki man takes a step forward. Johnson swears to eat raw meat. Specialties: testicles and liver.

On Instagram, he calls himself “King of the Liver” (German: “King of the Liver”), and he has more than a million followers. And see how he pulls out motor boats, rides the subway with XXL dumbbells – and puts kilograms of raw meat into himself.

One of his comments on the pictures is: “Don’t let the king of the liver hunt you down, leaving even one member of the animal behind!” Thus Brian Johnson also eats raw kidneys, uncooked bone marrow, and roe pressed directly from the fish’s body.

According to Texans, he’s been eating this way for 20 years. The motive for his lifestyle: his children fell ill, allegedly “from the modern world”.

“We then began to reintroduce the diet of our ancestors: fruits, vegetables, and animals from nose to tail,” Johnson once said. Within two weeks, he and his wife saw a “radical change” in the health of their children. “After two decades, I still eat a pound of raw liver every day,” says the bodybuilder.

raw meat? This is what the doctor says

BILD spoke to physician and bestselling author Dr. Ann Fleck (“Energy! The Healthy Way to Get Out of the Labyrinth of Fatigue”) in Brian Johnson’s Diet. The doctor strongly advises not to do this. “The ability of humans to pick up parasites and viruses by eating raw meat has been underestimated,” Flick said.

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Possible consequences: migraine, diarrhea. In the worst cases, there is a risk of developing chronic diseases. So: hands off yourselves!


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