“On behalf of the City Council as a whole, I extend my deepest condolences to George Floyd, his friends and all those who mourn his death,” said City Councilwoman Lisa Bender.

Crump, Floyd’s lawyer, said the scale “clearly indicates that black life is important and that police brutality against non-whites must end.”

Floyd’s family filed a lawsuit in July last year against former police officer Derek Chowdhury, who knelt around Floyd’s neck when he was arrested, and three police officers who did not serve and were charged in connection with Floyd’s death. The lawsuit alleges Floyd violated Floyd’s rights and the city.

The court elects a judge

The trial began this week with Suu Kyi facing charges of murder and manslaughter. It is not yet clear how this settlement will affect the process of the arbitral tribunal or the current selection.

George Floyd’s death is seen by many as a symbol of police brutality and a continuing “systematic racism” in a country rife with racial injustice, following decades of strong American waves of racism.

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