Migrants violently cross the border between Belarus and Poland
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Migrant groups violently cross the border into Poland

Migrants cross the border from Belarus to Poland

At the border from Belarus to Poland, two large groups of refugees apparently breached the border during the night. According to the Polish border guards, some of the migrants were returned to Belarus.

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Two large groups of refugees crossed the border from Belarus into Poland on their way to the European Union. Fences and parapets were forcibly demolished. “It was not a quiet night,” said Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak.

DrThe situation on the Belarus-Poland border is coming to a head: on Wednesday night two large groups of migrants managed to break through the border. The Polish news agency, citing the local station Bialystok, reported that dozens of migrants destroyed fortifications near the villages of Krynici and Bialowieza and crossed the border.

The station quoted a Border Police spokeswoman as saying that in both cases, fences and barriers were violently demolished. Another border guard was quoted as saying that the migrants had different types of equipment and tools. According to the claims of the Polish authorities, people are receiving tools from the Belarusian side.

Some of the migrants were returned to Belarus, while others were released. The Belarusian border guards published pictures of several people who were bleeding from their heads and hands. There were deep cuts in the palms of the hands after people tried to get past the thorny fence. They are Kurds. They said they got medical help.

15,000 Polish soldiers at the border

“It was not a quiet night. In fact, there were numerous attempts to breach the Polish border,” Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak told PR1. “As far as I know, all of the incursions have been stopped.” 15,000 soldiers on the border.

Thousands of migrants spent another night in the cold in Belarus, on the border with Poland. State media in Minsk distributed video footage of desperate people waiting in tent camps and around campfires hoping to cross the European Union border. Politicians from the autocratic former Soviet republic and aides brought in immigrants, as evidenced by state television, bread, pickled vegetables, and water.

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The European Union accuses the apparatus of power around Lukashenko of starting to smuggle people and airlift migrants from crisis areas.

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WELT author Klaus Geiger

The security forces of the former Soviet Republic have a reputation for directing groups specifically towards the borders of the European Union. Many of them were said to have been Germany as their destination.

A man cuts down a tree near Grodno, Belarus, as more migrants gather at the border with Poland

A man cuts down a tree near Grodno, Belarus, as more migrants gather at the border with Poland

Coyle: dpa / Leonid Scheglof

Poland, a member of the European Union, has deployed thousands of soldiers at the border to prevent barbed wire from penetrating. On Tuesday, Belarusian Governor Alexander Lukashenko called for people to be allowed through. He said in an interview that they do not want to settle in Poland, but mainly in Germany.

The politician, denounced as “Europe’s last dictator”, is known for allowing people from troubled countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq to be transported in order to smuggle them towards the borders of the European Union. Lukashenko denied the allegations and blamed international smuggling networks for organizing people’s trips. He admitted once again that he would not stop the migrants on their way to the European Union.

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Acting Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has spoken out in favor of sanctions against anyone involved in smuggling refugees into Belarus. “No one should be allowed to participate in Lukashenko’s inhuman activities with impunity,” said the SPD politician. This applies to countries of origin and transit, but also to airlines that allow transportation of people to Belarus. The EU is ready to “get clear results here”.

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