Home Top News Financial Times: Macron calls on rich countries to leave part of their vaccine supply to the poor

Financial Times: Macron calls on rich countries to leave part of their vaccine supply to the poor

Financial Times: Macron calls on rich countries to leave part of their vaccine supply to the poor

According to the diary Financial Times He pointed out that African countries pay astronomical sums for vaccines produced in the West. Macron cited Agrajeneka as an example, for which African governments reportedly paid two or three times more than the EU.

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The head of the Elysee Palace considers it unacceptable that the chances of getting vaccinated depend on where one lives. He joined the comments of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres. He condemned the random and unfair distribution of vaccines, the Financial Times recalled.

Rich countries like Canada or the United Kingdom have ordered more benefits than they need. In contrast, many African or Latin American countries do not have enough materials to rehabilitate the entire population.

Macron estimates that European countries and the United States could immediately donate four to five percent of their products in order to affect their vaccination programs. He called on pharmaceutical companies’ pricing policies to be transparent and developers to share expertise and technology to accelerate global vaccine production, the Financial Times concluded.

Facebook has blocked content in Australia

Facebook is on fire again – this time blocking news content in Australia. Many media outlets write about this case. BBC Indicates that social network management has responded to a bill that requires technology companies to pay publishers for news content on their sites. Facebook has responded by changing its rules for Australian users and local news servers.

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Through this radical move, Mark Zuckerberg’s company emphasized how much power he has, he writes Washington Post. The American newspaper cites experts who warn that the news could easily change the misinformation. It is in direct conflict with the declared effort to combat this phenomenon.

In addition, Facebook wants to play the role of defender of freedom of speech, usually in cases that prevent the downloading of certain complex content, so blocking messages is in direct conflict with this strategy. The company seems ready to switch to extreme tactics because of its business interests.

Google decided otherwise and chose the path of the deal. At the same time, he initially threatened to shut down Australia’s search engine when the law was passed. Instead, he announced deals with several media outlets – and would pay for their newspaper content, according to the Washington Post.

There are already at least clean rivers in the world

The most comprehensive study in the world to date shows that only 14 percent of rivers are largely undamaged by human activity. Defender. Rivers are biodiversity hotspots. However, pollution, global warming, the construction of dams and the presence of invasive species have a major impact on them.

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Western Europe and North America are the most affected areas. This shows that the biggest impact on the rivers is having a dense and rich population. Rivers and lakes are important ecosystems. They make up less than one percent of the planet’s surface, but they contain 17,000 species of fish, about a quarter of all vertebrates. Millions of people see their livelihoods and healthy rivers are the main sources of clean water, he concludes.

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