Microsoft Edge 99: Chromium Browser with Variable Refresh Rate (VRR)

In the future, the Chromium Microsoft Edge browser should be able to display websites at a variable frame rate, the so-called variable refresh rate (VRR), thus improving scrolling, among other things. Version 99.0.1128 is already rolling out in the Canary Channel for Edge Insiders with the corresponding option.

like the site office modr It was first reported, that Microsoft is working chrome Edge browser with version 99 expected at the beginning of March this year, donate variable frame rate using VRR. The insider reported the new feature for the first time u / Leopeva64-2 Im Sub-Reddit p/MicrosoftEdge.

VRR is designed to improve scrolling in Microsoft Edge
VRR is supposed to improve scrolling in Microsoft Edge (Photo: u/Leopeva64-2 via r/MicrosoftEdge)

Like the optional description above edge://flags Reveals an option that can be activated in Microsoft Edge settings, Variable refresh rate is temporarily activated when scrolling on websites to display scrolling of websites in the browser more smoothly. A monitor, TV, or display that supports VRR is required. The editorial team was able to try out VRR in Edge on LG OLED 48CX (test) and see notable advantages on long websites.

The option can be activated in Edge 99 via edge://flag

The option can be activated in Edge 99 via edge://flag

The option can be activated in Edge 99 via edge://flag

The option can be activated in Edge 99 via edge://flag

about the Microsoft Edge Insider Program Microsoft Edge version 99.0.1128 can already be downloaded now and VRR can be tried in the browser. Beta Channel participants will receive the corresponding release at the beginning of February, while the stable version is on the roadmap for the beginning of March.

Microsoft recently got many new features with Edge 96 such as implementing its own Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) and type controls WebView2, which embeds HTML, CSS, and JavaScript into native apps and web apps, and Microsoft Edge for Linux is now ready, too.

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The current stable version is 97.0.1072.55 (Release Notes) as of January 6 as usual just below this message from the download area of ​​ComputerBase.


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