Boateng shirt and special leave for club coach Stephen Baumgart

Stephen Baumgart talks to Kevin-Prince Boateng.

After 1. FC Köln’s 3-1 win over Hertha Berlin (on January 9, 2022), Stephen Baumgart received a Kevin-Prince Boateng shirt and a box of chocolates.

After a successful start to the second half of the season at Hertha BSC, 1. FC Köln happy with sixth place – coach Steffen Baumgart on a new addition to his jersey collection, a special holiday and a personal derby win.

Dedicated start to the second half of the season for Stephen Baumgart (50) and 1. FC Köln – at the coach’s chosen house!

Baumgart played for FC Rival from 2002 to 2004, and he still holds an iron heart and continues to live with his family in Köpenick. So the 3:1 at Hertha BSC (Sunday 9 Jan 2022) was not an everyday success for the FC coach.

Former FA Stephen Baumgart celebrates his personal derby victory

“For him, the derby was personal,” says licensed player manager Thomas Kessler (35). “Stephen came home from the Olympic Stadium smiling.”

Baumgart did not travel to Cologne with the team, and instead resided with his family in Berlin. His teammates took up training on Monday. “It was worth it. I think he’s going to have a great two days in Köpenick,” Kessler said before Tuesday without training.

The collection of Stephen Baumgart shirts has grown!

A special vacation was not the only reward for Baumgart, however, right after the final whistle, he received a very special victory trophy – the shirt of Hertha star Kevin-Prince Boateng (34). Baumgart explained, “With Prince, I have a lot of respect for him and his performance and always want to have very special shirts for myself. That’s why Prince is one of them.”

Boateng, who returned to his hometown from Monza on a free transfer in the summer, played only a minor role against FC. The 34-year-old entered the match in the latter stages, but was only noticed with his fifth yellow card after a foul on FC defender Timo Hübers (25). Baumgart hugged him on the sidelines after this scene.

In addition to the jersey, the Cologne coach also received a box of chocolates – but not from Boateng. “I got it from a young lady who was playing handball with my grandfather,” Baumgart reveals. His triumphant trip to the Olympic Stadium was worth it in every respect!

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Former Lucas Kloenther celebrates his return to Hertha FC

As a player in Berlin with his choice, the FC coach was particularly shocked by the state of the completely underground turf at Hertha Stadium: “Disaster, frankly. And in this city, madness.” Now the venue will be renovated – in time for the Derby Cup against Union on the 19 January.

Cologne’s 3-1 win at the start of the second half of the season marked a meeting with Euro 2017 champions: Lucas Kloenther (25). The local player moved to the capital a year later, after collapsing in the second league.

Despite bankruptcy against his former teammates, the right-back can at least look forward to a personal sense of accomplishment – returning nearly four months after the injury (shoulder surgery). Klonter: “I’m glad I’m back, it was so important to me, but the anger over the defeat reigns.” Not everyone can go home with a smile – like Stephen Baumgart.


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