Mega Star gave the Queen a refusal to celebrate the anniversary of her accession to the throne
Queen Elizabeth II: Not every big star wanted to throw a jubilee party.

Queen Elizabeth II: Not every big star wanted to throw a jubilee party.Photo: PA Wire/Frank Augustein

Earlier this month, it marked the grand platinum jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. For the occasion, a large number of world-famous artists took to the stage in front of Buckingham Palace in England. But not every star wanted to play against the Queen.

Fireworks at the jubilee party.

Fireworks at the jubilee party.BILD: PA Wire / Ian West

Adele refused the queen

Quinn, Rod Stewart, Ed Sheeran, Elton John, Alicia Keys: It was an honor for this megastar to apparently perform a recital for the Queen during the jubilee festivities. But not every big star wanted to perform thereAs a source told the British now:daily Mail“reveal.

British singer Adele.

British singer Adele.Photo: Invision/Jordan Strauss

So should the singer Adelewhich is famous for songs like “Rolling in the Deep” or “Someone Like You”, The queen refused. She refused a request from the palace.

The source claims that this was stated by the singer An alleged scheduling conflict was given as a reason for cancellation.

Adele was awarded the MBE (Best Order of the British Empire) in 2013. “She caused a great surprise, especially after receiving the MBE Medal”quoted by the person in the “Daily Mail”.

The source also says:

“How often do you get the chance to perform for the Queen in front of Buckingham Palace?”

Source in “Daily Mail”

Harry Styles turned it down too

But not only actress Adele did not seize this opportunity. Harry Styles also rejected the Queen.

Famous musician Harry Styles.

Famous musician Harry Styles.BILD: Invision / Charles Sykes

An insider close to Styles confirmed that he was asked. against the BritishpassThe source said that On the one hand with his tour and on the other hand with the promotion of his new album.

The Queen was unable to attend the concert

The grand celebration was held on June 4. Queen Elizabeth II did not participate for health reasons. However, a feature film with popular children’s character Paddington Bear was broadcast by the 96-year-old. So it was part of the celebration anyway.

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