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McDonald’s offers a vintage set with Snipes

Snap and McDonald’s launch their own collection – Photo: McDonald’s

Fast food chain McDonald’s Germany enters into a collaboration with the Snipes brand. 60 seconds draws attention to a co-branded campaign.

As of November 20, McDonald’s and Snipes will sell a total of 34 items together: There are hoodies, T-shirts, track suits, beanies and AirPod cases, among other things.

Of course, clothes should not lose the symbols of the brand and the best-known products of the fast food group. Watch French fries or the obligatory golden arches, for example. The collection captures the colors of McDonald’s red, green and gold. The first German restaurant of McDonald’s opened in Munich at the end of 1971. Apply “71” to several parts of the collection to celebrate the anniversary.

“In the design process, it was important for us to connect the two brands perfectly in order to honor both histories,” says Matthias Schube, Head of Marketing at Snipes.

The clothes are offered in nine European countries and are only available in Snipes stores and online.

McDonald’s is giving away some parts of the group on its social media channels. The street fashion label developed the “Sauce it up” slogan at home for 60 seconds. The campaign is largely played out on Snipes channels and their network of international influencers.


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