City of Helsinki and Redwood, Calif. (ots) – Die MariaDB®
( gives general availability of MariaDB today
Community Server 10.6 is known. Provides new version
Major developments in the MariaDB open source community. MariaDB . Community
Server 10.6 Expands Possibilities
Developers, frees users from expensive with improved PL/SQL compatibility
Proprietary Links Adds Strong Atomic DDL
Protection in case of database failure is added to the module
Support for the MariaDB storage engine architecture. MariaDBs . has also received
Vertical engine for powerful analytics and significant improvements for more
Ease of use and stability plus new features like
Disk-based data collection.

MariaDB is one of the best relational databases in the world, known as
Fast innovations, a strong community and its modern architecture that
supports flexible workloads,” says Max Mether, co-founder and vice president of
Server Product Management, MariaDB Corporation. “We always wanted the community
Once again we introduce innovations, and therefore we are very pleased that this year
Release developers and DBAs have special functions. “

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