Billie Eilish apologizes after racism allegations

After accusations of racism, American singer Billie Eilish, 19, has apologized. “I’m portrayed as something I’m not,” Eilish wrote on Instagram Tuesday night. Previously, old videos appeared showing the singer She moved her lips to a song in which the word was offensive to Asians. In another video, she appears to mimic an accent.

“I’m terrified, embarrassed, and want to vomit,” commented Eilish, who recently released the new single “Your Power” and announced a new album for July. “Regardless of my ignorance and my age at the time, there is no excuse that it was painful. And I’m sorry.” She didn’t know the word abuse and didn’t want to imitate the accent, just spoke “silly, made-up language that doesn’t make sense.” I made sounds when I was a kid when I talked to my pets, friends and family.”

TikTok videos that the singer recorded when she was thirteen or fourteen years old surfaced last week. As a result, there was a dirty storm. In her statement, Eilish also noted her commitment to tolerance and equality. “We all have to keep sharing, listening and learning.”

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