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Margarita Broich: She became the star of Tatourt’s grandmother for the first time

Margherita brooch
The Grandma Tatatore star is now on lockdown

Margherita brooch

Margherita brooch

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Now Margarita Broich can call herself a grandmother. The eldest son of the actress “Tatort” had children for the first time.

The eldest son of ‘Tattourt’ star Margareta Broesch, 61, Hans Broich Woetke, 29, had children for the first time during the lockdown. The “Bild am Sonntag” actress confirmed this: “I turned sixty. During this time my eldest son became a father. That was very lucky!” Get excited about the new novelty. And your grandson has just taken his first steps.

The star of “Tatort” Margherita Broich became a grandmother

She is excited about her new role as a “60-year-old grandmother” and can’t wait to go to the “pool” with her grandson or “soon to run with him on the sports field”. She can also make friends “very well” with the greeting of “grandmother”. “I’m not one of those grandmothers who prefers to call me by my first name,” says Berwish.

The new love of happiness Margherita

The father of her son Hans is actor Martin Wutke, 59, with whom Brooch has been in a relationship for more than 25 years. With him, she also has a second son Franz, 21. Their separation became public in July 2018. Since September 2019 the actress has been working with attorney Dr. Dirk Schmalenbach, 63, married.

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