That is, it will keep Hong Kong under its rule for its democratic rights and expand them. After all, it was agreed that it would only take half a century, and then China would be able to do anything with Hong Kong.

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But it is now clear that the Communists in Beijing do not want to wait and tolerate even limited democracy. Disagreement on the agreement, in a recent session, the Chinese parliament effectively changed Hong Kong’s mini-constitution and laws, thus undermining democracy in the city.

The Hong Kong parliament will become like its Chinese cousin and will become the “seal” of government and Communist Party decisions. Even without the teeth, there would be no resistance in it anymore. All MPs must be “patriotic,” that is, they must love the Chinese Communist Party. Because they are patriotic, teachers in Hong Kong schools will also be screened so that children are not infected by the democratic virus.

Show a tough attitude

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Patriotism is also taken into account when appointing judges, so there are no exemptions for “inferior elements”. In addition, under the new state security law, the police arrest opposition policies and criticisms of communist China, and if they wish, they can try them on mainland China under Chinese law. Elections, limited democracy and guarantees of basic human rights and freedoms are coming to an end in Hong Kong. Beijing does not even bother to cover it up.

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On the contrary, he is threatened and mocked by representatives of the Chinese Hong Kong administration, Western diplomats and politicians who criticize it. A separate chapter is the Chinese press, run by the ruling Communist Party of China. For example, the Global Times writes that the United States and Britain are embroiled in a “devil conflict” to destroy Hong Kong, but their “time is up” and their “scream” are an example of the decline of their hegemony. “

Marek Hudema

It is reminiscent of the communist press of the Soviet Union from the 1950s. Such a reminder to strongly oppose China.

Unless the West takes a hard line on Beijing and imposes some sanctions, China will see it as an instruction to do as the Soviet Union once did. Will harm himself and the whole world.

Author Lidova is a commentator for the newcomer


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