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Mல்லller is angry and upset: Well, not the Super Bavarians

Mல்லller is angry and resentful
Well, not the Super Bavarians

Julian Knucklesman’s series with FC Bayern ends after nine wins. Eintracht 1: 2 against Frankfurt is annoying for a number of reasons. Frankfurt this time celebrates a match winner who has no place in the national team.

Hansie Flick may have been a little annoyed on Sunday. Yet the new German national coach may have made an appointment mistake for the first time. Now this mistake, if it is one, will probably not be discussed for a long time. Of course this is not a mistake, and if it were together, M முllerhammelspoteng would not have been the title of his tenure. But this Kevin Trap did not invite Flick to the upcoming international matches at the World Cup against Romania and North Macedonia, and deserved a place on the team.

While a guest in Munich this Sunday evening, Flick officially received the testimonial and wondered how Byrne, like Eitratt Frankfurt, Trap, was nervous in the 1: 2 defeat (1: 1). With record players he can now write in great detail about how and whom he frustrated. The only problem: this text is too long. Really too long. It doesn’t have to be that way. The concise version of his heroic deeds is very interesting: no matter what position, no matter how hard, or whether he kept the balls from Munich, Trap was (almost) always there. Only in 0: 1 by Leon Koretska did he stretch in vain. The national player kept the ball in the far corner.

As young Manuel Neuer once did

But a march showed the extraordinaryness of his performance. In the 56th minute when Robert Lewandowski headed the ball from a very short distance it was really clear to everyone on the field. The title goal … how the keeper stepped before the ball was at least world class. Or giga-mega-monster wise. Or like the very young Schalke Manuel Neuer who destroyed the title of Porto’s stunned striker Tariq Sectio on March 5, 2008 in a similar titanic manner. Well, that was a long time ago. As a goalkeeper Newer has shown many great savings in his career. A solid Sunday would have been enough to prevent the first match defeat of the season. But Newer Philippe Caustic flew past him from a height of 14 meters in the 83rd minute. The ball will last.

Now Flick is not worried. New set up. And exactly, of course. Mark-Andre der Stegen is back, absolutely undeniable. Even though his FC Barcelona are currently slowing down an uncomfortable pace in all competitions. Now Arsenal’s Bernd Leno is not a third man and trap, most people don’t really care. But it is still bitter for the trap.

Sq … It does not matter to Julian Knucklesman whether the defeat of FC Bayer, who sometimes dominated against Frankfurt, is worthy or not. Because what will it change? You know the answer: nothing. But the 34-year-old did not want to dismiss his first bankruptcy in a competitive game as coach of the record champions. “Failure always hurts. Even today. On the one hand, because it was the first and on the other hand, it was completely avoided,” he said. In fact, there is no shortage of speed, momentum and opportunities (see above). But: “We did not do exactly the same things we did for the last few weeks. But our enemies did not take advantage of it. Today we were punished.”

Diod Upamekano’s game is something that doesn’t go right. He arrived this summer and will replace David Alaba, among others. The club legend who went to Real Madrid after some bad contract poker. But the French did not play a good game against Frankfurt. At 1: 1 (32nd) he allowed Martin Hindrecker to do it after a corner. Not a good idea because Auster has a great title game. And before caustic 1: 2, Upamekano was twice as inactive. Not for the first time this season, the 22-year-old has not played a sovereign game even though he has already shown a good game. Various forums are already debating whether the rotation of defense leaders is a good idea for achievement champions. The truth is, it’s too soon to judge.

Simple text by Miller Thomas

As good as FC Bayern’s initial form has been over the past few weeks, their opponents have been weak. FC Barcelona, ​​shown 3-0 at home in the Champions League, are no longer a benchmark. RB Leipzig (not yet) (again). VfL Bochum and Greuther Fürth do not exist and probably never will. And it was not Dynamo Kiev who surrendered 0: 5 last week. What’s more: Lack of performance. With speed and goal mania, it has lost a bit recently, but the Munich team put a lot of high quality players in front of the goal. If there is no trap on the way, you can override it. If a trap is in the way, it can be a problem.

Thomas Mல்லller, who had produced several chances against Frankfurt, was very clear: “We’re disappointed. Or angry, angry – I do not know which is better. This is definitely not a game we should miss. There was a lack of performance,” he complained to DAZN. “If we make it 2-1, it ends up being 3-1 or 4-1. Then we stand back and sing ‘Super-Bayern’. So it has nothing to do with ‘Super-Bayern’. Now we’ve lost so much. Home. It’s an unfamiliar situation. , Unfamiliar feeling. “With that, FC Bayern are now pulling its international gap. Thus “pull” is a relative type in Munich. Despite Bayer Leverkusen’s presence thanks to a great goal difference, the team continues to lead the table. Borussia Dortmund and again surprisingly strong SC Freiburg follow one point.

Good news for FC Bayer’s Bankruptcy League. Because it’s exciting, at least temporarily. After the international break, the league dominators will fight on October 17th. Then, against Leverkusen’s brutally fast attack, a very intense test among others. “We have to analyze the defeat. When the boys come from the national teams, we will prepare ourselves to win the next game,” said sports director Hassan Salihmitzik. Knoglesman ruled: “We had a lot on our hands, so we can learn a lot from it.” That applies to him too: unnecessarily, he picked up Rick-back Nicholas from the saree ground and picked up the attacking man Marcel Sabitzer. FC Bayern finally won the knockout.

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