Next Climate Statement: Vettel protests Canada's 'crimes'

Next Climate Statement
Vettel protests Canadian ‘crimes’

Sebastian Vettel is turning increasingly to the environmental and political conscience of Formula 1. After working for peace at the recent Grand Prix in Baku, the Aston Martin driver is drawing attention to Canadian climate crimes ahead of the race in Montreal.

Former world champion Sebastian Vettel has once again drawn attention to blatant environmental sins at the Formula 1 circuit and ahead of the race on Sunday. (8pm on Sky and on live) It sent a strong signal to protect the climate. Upon arriving in Montreal, Canada, the Aston Martin driver from Hesse wore a white T-shirt that read “Stop tar sands mining – climate crime in Canada”. Between the lines was a picture. Lately, Vettel has almost always come to the road by bike.

According to the environmental organization Greenpeace, the extraction of oil from a mixture of clay and sand differs significantly from the traditional extraction of crude oil. So the oil sand layer is about 30 meters deep. To get there, Canada’s primeval forests were cleared and topsoil removed. Only then can the mixture of sand, clay and, above all, tar-like oil be lifted out of the ground. The damage and consequences to the environment are “severe,” according to Greenpeace’s website about the controversial measure.

Vettel had already sent a political signal with his jersey in Baku the previous week. In Azerbaijan, the 34-year-old wore a T-shirt with the words “friends” and “peace” written in black in Russian. Two hands shook hands. He also wore blue and yellow Ukraine sports bands. The veteran has been drawing attention to environmental and political issues for some time now, and has also campaigned against racism and for more diversity.

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