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“More work than ever”

“More work than ever”

She did not allow her superiors or terms of service to prevent her from chasing a murderer: Vera Lance was a police officer with body and soul. Munich Commissioner Katrina Bahmin is playing in the crime series “Die Chefin”. The new season starts on Friday (October 22) at 8:15 pm on ZDF. Bom was born in Switzerland in 1964, the daughter of the legendary actor Carl Heinz Bahm, and was already on camera for the film “Heidi” when she was twelve.

Ms. Bahm, about ten years ago you took the job of “boss” in the ZDF series of the same name. Is it still fun?

I’m still having a lot of fun. Luckily, otherwise it would be so hard if I was given the time I spend on this series every year.

How have working conditions changed over time?

First, there is less money than before, but all TV products are affected by this. That means you have to be more strict when you return than before. I’ve always been strict about it, but now you have to be very ready to shoot every day. For example, more focal points should be filmed in a single day. We shoot six to nine minutes a day, and that’s pretty much it.

How many days do you need to shoot?

Twelve, it’s a beautiful game for a 60 minute crime thriller. Overall, this is more work than ever before for the cast and everyone involved. Like I said, preparation above all else: When we shoot, I spend an average of eight to ten hours learning text on free weekends. But I do not want to complain: I’m still having fun with the whole thing, but it swallows a lot of time.

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Ten years ago you were the first woman to hunt down scams as a lead detective in a ZDF silver crime thriller. Did you see it as an act of liberation?

No, no, there were some female police officers on TV at the time. Other than that, I wanted to do my job well, to fill that role, and I didn’t see myself as a champion for women’s rights or anything.

Do you see yourself as a “boss”?

If it comes on TV, no, but before it airs. I get new chapters sent in advance and then definitely watch them. Finally, in a professional sense, I want to check what I do in front of the camera. But I’m not a fan of watching myself – it’s just like when I first heard you on a cassette recorder as a kid. This effect will not go away. (Laughs)

How has the Vera Lance you played changed in ten years?

She has definitely relaxed with age. But in hindsight, in reality she would need prescription glasses. (Laughs) Unfortunately, I still can’t push it. I personally need it, and sometimes I just want to have one for Vera Lance. But on the one hand jokingly: I try to design that character to deal with the common problems and ailments of women my age, and to represent those women in that perspective somewhat.


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