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Lothar Mathias criticizes DFP star Leroy Chan

Lothar Mathias criticizes DFP star Leroy Chan

Shortly before the start of the European Championships (June 11 to July 11), DFP star Leroy Sane was invited by registered national player Lothar Matthias and asked to be ready for action.

“Everyone wants to play. That’s a good thing. But no one should risk the team’s success by spreading a bad mood,” Mathews said. The sky.

Referring to a scene from the friendship against Denmark (1: 1) last Thursday, he added: “Part of the point is that Kimmich will make his point clearly if a Sane shakes his hand or does not work backwards. Here it is all about giving everything to this jersey and Germany. It’s not enough to go to the border. “

Kimmich called his Munich team mate against Denmark “Stop complaining, dude!” Attacked. According to Matthias, it is still undeniable that the FCP winger has the tools he needs.

“Leroy is a fantastic player with unique abilities, but in the end it’s still the teamwork and he has to absorb it in every game until the final whistle,” he wrote. The sky-Sort.

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