UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres today called on the G20’s largest economic group to formulate a global plan for vaccinating against Govt-19.

He said the epidemic should be quickly defeated globally to prevent new mutations in less developed countries in the south where vaccines are not currently available. Guterres made the remarks at a meeting of diplomatic leaders of the UN Security Council.

If the virus is allowed to spread like wildfire in southern countries around the world, it will re-emerge.

“The world urgently needs a global vaccination program to unite all those with the necessary energy, scientific expertise and production and financial capacity,” Goodres said. “I believe the Group of Twenty Greater Economies) is in a good position to set up an extraordinary task force to develop such a global vaccine program and to coordinate its operation and funding,” he said.

According to him, this group should include all states that are major manufacturers of the Govt-19 vaccine used so far. The UN Security Council includes the United States, Russia, China, the United Kingdom and India, which currently produce large quantities of the vaccine.

At the virtual summit of the leaders of the most developed countries of the G7 group, which begins on Friday, “according to the Secretary-General, the necessary impetus may arise” to raise the necessary funds.

“If the virus is allowed to spread like wildfire in southern countries around the world, it will re-emerge,” Guterres said, “creating new, more infectious, deadly variants that could affect the effectiveness of vaccines.” “This will significantly prolong the epidemic and allow the virus to come back and wipe out the global North again,” the Secretary-General added.

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States must act as a group

According to him, the UN should press for the immediate vaccination of all people in the world. Guterres denounced the fact that vaccines are currently being distributed equally among the world’s population, with 75 percent of all doses ever given only to those in ten countries, and none of the 130 countries have been vaccinated.

At the meeting, British Foreign Secretary Dominic Robb said the states should work together as a team to confront a deadly enemy. Britain has also tabled a proposal for a UNSC resolution calling for a temporary ceasefire in armed conflicts around the world to vaccinate the country’s population. For example, Rob says there are about 160 million people in Yemen, Syria, South Sudan, Somalia and Ethiopia.

US diplomat Anthony Blingen has announced that the United States will send $ 200 million (4.3 billion crowns) to the World Health Organization (WHO) by the end of this month. Former President Donald Trump expelled the United States, but current White House President Joe Biden deported him on his first day.

“This is an important step in fulfilling our financial obligations as a member of the World Health Organization, which reflects our renewed commitment to ensuring the support of the WHO to lead the global campaign against the epidemic,” Blingen said.


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