'Loki' on Disney+: I hope you ripped off series review

Did you miss the Avengers, the superhero squad that was in theaters from 2012 to 2019? That probably isn’t true after the final, which spanned two films and a total of five and a half hours. After that we all deserved a break.

But you may have missed them after “WandaVision,” the first Avengers spin-off series from Marvel for Disney+, which tried to blend the superhero and sitcom genres, but didn’t have any work to show. And perhaps after “The Hawk and the Winter Soldier”, the second branch, which, as if to make up for a lot of excitement and bickering between two main characters, appeared as lacking in humor.

“Loki,” the third series airing Wednesday on Disney+, is now fueling Avengers nostalgia right now: It begins with a scene from the recent movie “Endgame,” where Thor, Hulk, and Ant-Man, among others, are involved, but prankster Loki (Tom Hiddleston) It is he who can grab the magic energy cube Tesserakt and thus slide into an alternate time plane. So many superheroes, so much speed in staging! Why a small dose of all this and distribute it to a different series?

liquid? squeak!

After the first of a total of six episodes lasting about one hour, “Loki” also lacks an answer that goes beyond the economic logic of brand awareness and maintenance. And that, although the god of practical jokes, as he calls himself Loki, is certainly the most dazzling character in the Marvel universe — or shall we say: the most flexible? In a little PR stunt, Disney released a look at Loki’s personnel file in advance, and there was a very timely “flexible” entry under gender. squeak!

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In fact, this fits perfectly with a character, as a prankster and shape-shifter who constantly challenges the Avengers’ authority, especially when she is as stable and powerful as her half-brother Thor. Loki against the rest of the superhero-like world: series creator Michael Waldron correctly recognized that this was the most productive core constellation and thus created the toughest authority in the Marvel series universe for his main character – TVA, the Time Contrast Authority.

This power sues and punishes anyone who deviates from the passage of time, as Loki did, for example, when he escaped with the Tesseract. Once he arrives in an alternate timeline somewhere in the Mongolian steppes, Loki is again captured by TVA and put before a judge. Before you can convict him of “reset,” a euphemism for extinction, Agent Moebius (Owen Wilson) steps in and secures Loki as an informant.

Obviously, Wilson and Hiddleston, when compared to Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, are the most charismatic companions. Here meet two real actors who can reach great tragic and comedic depths. Doch für ihr erstes Treffen sieht das Drehbuch nur vor, dass sie sich gegenseitig den Ausgangspunkt der Serie erklären: Wilson legt Hiddleston dar, was es mit der TVA auf sich wi hat, Hidlerken der Undurgen erk he is.

Limited Fantastic

The fact that producer, screenwriter Waldron previously worked mainly on the fantastic animated series “Rick and Morty”, in which the main character Rick turns into a one-episode pickle to escape from family therapy, is very limited at first. from the series. Even in the context of superhero productions, Disney couldn’t have looked that cool. The original cliffhanger only moderately at the end of the first episode confirms that impression.

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Perhaps there should be an MCUA in addition to TVA, a body of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that interferes and punishes if several uninteresting side projects from Avengers are diverted. But maybe everything will be different, and Loki only did what he does best in the episode one thing: trick us hard.

“Loki”, a new episode every week on Disney+ starting June 9


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