Julian Mesliya: Sarah Engels sings quirky for baby Solya

Funny scenes from the House of Engels. Singer Sarah Engels, 29, and her husband Julian, 28, are currently indulging in the absolute happiness of their parents: the couple have little daughters a few weeks before Christmas Solia Liana Welcome the world. The time to get to know the baby is clearly going well – and above all, very funny. Julian has now shared funny clips of his two girls: Sarah performed a song for the youngster in a very special way.

employment Instagram The former professional soccer player welcomed his fans to the “Thursday Night Theatre”. He called the following scenes “Great cinema here with my beautiful device.” pleasant She sits at a table at the recordings with her baby in her arms. As she frowns and moves her hands theatrically up and down, she imitates operatic vocals and sings lines like: “I love you to the moon, but the moon is so far away.” Does Baby Solia appreciate the fun performance? The 29-year-old seems to have doubts. “She thinks I’m stupid”I guessed from time to time.

who – which pleasant And her husband has no problem laughing at themselves, but her fans have long recognized it. Angels again and again cause excitement with funny actions. when pleasant She was still pregnant, so her lover imitated her, for example, and she also appeared with a round bump. With the help of a medicine ball and plenty of adhesive film, Julian was prepared to “carry” without further ado.

Sarah, Sulia and Julian Engels at Christmas 2021
Sarah Engels and her daughter Solya
Sarah and Julian Engels, November 2021


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