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Liz Truss – The New Maggie Thatcher? |

The Queen must make her successor Boris

Does this appeal to the Queen?

For the first time on Monday, she will appoint a female head of government who once called for the abolition of the monarchy: former Secretary of State Liz Truss (47).

Truss was one of the Tory rebels who ousted Boris Johnson, 58, in July. She has now won the primaries within the party as his successor. The result will be announced on Monday, but it is already clear that she won.

Who is Liz Truss?

The former director of Shell was once a hard hit. Before beginning her Conservative career, she was a member of the Liberal Party – whose party conference in 1994 she gave a legendary speech to abolish the monarchy.

Liz's new home: 10 Downing Street

Liz’s new home: 10 Downing Street

Photo: Frank Augustin/D

Meanwhile, it is cementing the image of the “new Maggie Thatcher”, attacking the European Union and taking a tough anti-Russian geopolitical course.

She is unpopular outside the conservative core constituency.

Do you have to remember her name?

The Conservatives came in at the lowest level in the opinion polls. Without Boris Johnson, they lack a voter magnet. There will be new elections by January 2025 at the latest. They will win, as of now, the opposition Labor Party.

But perhaps Liz will win Brits’ hearts and become the new Maggie.


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