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Myocarditis caused by monkeypox

injury Affenpockenvirus can develop a acute myocarditis entails. Myocarditis should be considered a potential complication associated with monkeypox.

In a recent case study, experts from University Hospital Center Sao Joao In Portugal, a 31-year-old man was reported to have contracted acute myocarditis advanced. The case report was published in the English-language journal “JACC: Status ReportsChest.

A man with symptoms of monkeypox

According to the team, the patient came five days after his appearance Symptoms of monkeypox to the clinic. Symptoms included malaise, muscle pain, fever, and multiple swollen lesions on the face, hands, and genitals.

Monkeypox was confirmed by a polymerase chain reaction swab. Three days later, the patient went to the emergency room again and reported a chest tightnesswhich in Left arm radiates.

After the usual routine examinations, the patient was finally diagnosed with clinical suspicion of a acute myocarditis He was admitted to the intensive care unit.

Evidence of stress damage to the heart

Initial ECG showed a sinus rhythm with nonspecific abnormalities of ventricular repolarization, and routine laboratory evaluations revealed elevated levels of C-reactive protein, creatine phosphokinase (CPK), highly sensitive troponin, and brain natriuretic peptide (BNP), all of which linked to one. Stress hurts the heart We can point out, according to the team.

After performing a cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (CMR), the results indicated a Myocarditis In the end, the diagnosis became one acute myocarditis Developed.

In the case study, so-called CMR mapping, a comprehensive imaging method, was also used to support the diagnosis of myocarditis.

Better understanding of monkeypox

This case highlights that heart injury can be a potential complication associated with monkeypox infectionThe study author said Dr. Anna Isabel Pinho in press release.

Through this important case study, we are developing a deeper understanding of monkeypox and viral myocarditis and the accurate diagnosis and treatment of this disease.‘, added Dr. Julia GrabsaEditor in Chief JACC: Status Reports.

The case report could raise awareness among the scientific community and healthcare professionals about acute myocarditis as a potential complication associated with monkeypox, he hopes. Dr. Pine.

The doctor adds that close monitoring of those affected may also help identify other potential complications.

Increasing the number of injuries

The monkeypox virus belongs to the same family as the virus that causes smallpox. while kicking rash On the hands, feet, face, genitals and other parts of the body. Monkeypox was first discovered in May 2022 In the European Union, the United States and other non-endemic countries, the number of infections has been increasing since then.

Monkeypox is transmitted through close contact with pests, body fluids, or airborne droplets. In addition to the typical rash, other symptoms can indicate disease. These include FeverAnd the goosebumpsAnd the swollen lymph nodesThe team noted difficulty breathing and muscle pain.

Most cases of infection are from monkeypox run moderatelysymptoms that occur for a period of Two to four weeks can stop. However, under certain circumstances, there is also a risk of more serious complications as a result of the infection, as the current case report shows.

The disease can lead to myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle, which has already been shown in previous studies with others viral infection Such as smallpox infection or COVID-19.

The patient was discharged in good health after one week

However, the good news is that in the current case report, the team said the patient returned after just one week of inpatient treatment fully recovered can be released.

The researchers concluded that more studies are now needed to analyze the relationship between monkeypox and heart damage in more detail. (as such)

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