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Lily Paul Roncale wants to lead her father’s circus

Lily Paul Roncali (23 years old) has big plans for the future! Born in Munich, she has been on stage since childhood and performs in her father’s circus Bernard Bol (74) regularly as an artist. Last year, she proved that she has experience performing in Let’s Dance. Together with Massimo Senato (40), she even managed to win the dance show. In the future I would like Leila However, take a distance from the podium and take a leadership position.

Opposite picture The 23-year-old revealed that she and her siblings Vivian and Adrian She would like (62) to follow in her father’s footsteps and show that she is more than just an artist: “We will lead Roncali into the future.” The circus is her father’s business in life – but now she and her siblings have more responsibility and make their own decisions: “Everyone has an area they are responsible for. It will gradually expand. It is a smooth transition.”to explain Leila. In addition to appearing, she would like to design her own costumes for the entire show soon.

Must be her father Leila It seems a good relationship. If she ever needs advice, ask him – but then she makes the decisions herself: From the little one Leila I have become young. I am grateful to my father for giving me so much freedom.”summed up.

Lily Paul Ronacle and her father Bernard Paul V "let's go dancing"Finale 2020

TVNOW / Stefan Gregorios

Lily Paul Ronacle and her father Bernard Paul in the “Let’s Dance” 2020 final
Lily Paul Roncali, June 2020
Lily Paul Roncale, Winner of the “Let’s Dance” Award 2020
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