What a tough semi-final: there are two solo dances and an “impromptu dance”. While Rúrik also offers his awesome acting skills, Valentina’s nerves are strained. She paints a lot for a dance that she has never danced before!

“Oh my God! What a grenade that Iceland sent us,” praises Joachim Lambie, Rick Gislason, for his brilliant and almost sexy contemporary, who is “as quiet as a mouse.” In fact, it is no exaggeration for the jury to say that this dance is an “eternal dance”, a dance that is so captivating and performed “so exquisitely” that one almost regrets “only ten points are available.” What a “solidarity”! Then he holds his partner in one hand as they move in a ring at a high altitude.

Semi-final at Let’s Dance: It’s the last few meters just before the finish line. In addition to two new solo dances, the remaining four celebrities have to show a third dance – the terrifying Impro dance even more extreme. So there should be some confusion this evening. But back to Rúrik: He’s simply overtaking himself on this eleventh show now. Among other things, he not only shows Charleston “the brilliant” but also his great acting skills: Rick is drunk, and Charleston dancing cowboys. “Fabulous!” The jury praises.

It’s so much fun to watch the ex-footballer perform and not be afraid to show off his comedic side. “Bravo, great cinema!” It is only half wild when the main steps in the “Imbro dance” – Rumba – “outside Iceland” and “sunk somewhere in the sea”.

Very flat feet, not arrogant enough

Nicholas Buschman also fights for the final – “a little relaxed”, as Llambi complains about his charisma, but his kicks in particular guarantee a “good start”. And of course, not only since Llambi, we’ve known that nothing is eaten as hot as it is cooked. The boss in the office did not like El Paso at all. “A little arrogance, a little pride,” is his judgment. But Bushman can always be proud. Because with his participation in the show, he contributed a lot to “highlighting society”. And even though Mr. Llambi complains a lot again, the points at the end are much better than the previous referee.

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Perhaps Bushman can look over Valentina Bahdi’s shoulder during the final week of training. Not only did she absorb pride and grace, but – or so it seems at least – all the expressive requirements. She makes each dance her own, so she first dances the extremely charming and light-footed Cha-Cha-Cha-Cha, only to perform the “cruel, martial” Pasu Doubel shortly thereafter, as if she hadn’t done anything else in which the whole life was preparing for this moment. The jury considers the “aggression” with which the actress interprets the number as “excellent.”

“Can’t we dance the Viennese waltz?

Nothing else can be said about their “casual dance” performance. Because it comes here: Bahdi paints a dance that you have never done before. Confusion in the studio, anxious lines on Valentina’s forehead. Slow waltz? This must be a mistake! “Can’t we dance the Viennese waltz?” But as Mark Terenzi once said in “Jungle Camp”: “The rules are the rules. We must preserve them!” Not discuss. Dancers are required to practice all twelve dances at least once. That this not happen to Valentine and Valentina is to some extent their failure. And here you can see who really is the dancer and who is able to turn pure improvisation into enthusiasm. Mutsi gets out of her chair after a Bahdi performance. To evoke a dance that no one has ever danced on Earth “Bravo, Valentina!”

We have to say goodbye to Simon Zachinhuber after the semi-finals, even though he showed great tango, which was his best dance of the season. “Quite on point,” the jury praised. He and his partner Patricia Belusova very much hoped to make it to the final. But if I’m being totally honest: Sometimes, in the little moments before and after the dance, I saw that Zachenhuber knows how hard it can be to fulfill his desires in this competition. They both go out quietly and celebrate their fourth sovereign.

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And this is how the finalists were decided: Valentina Bahadi, Rick Gislason and Nicholas Bushman.


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