Vodafone Capel: Power outages cripple many of Munich's communications

Do you have problems connecting your Vodafone cable? That I am not alone in this. The provider is in trouble in Munich. The reason is the power failure.

In the Vodafone cable network, there is currently a disturbance in Munich, the provider sharing his network forum With. Currently there is a failure in television reception, but also with telephone and Internet communications.

According to Vodafone, this is due to a blackout at one of the energy suppliers in eastern Munich. As a result, the local Vodafone branch has no electricity. However, the provider must return the site to the grid using emergency power generators. The error should be resolved soon.

Recently, yesterday, May 20, Vodafone encountered cable network problems. About 23,000 Vodafone customers have been temporarily disconnected from the network due to cable damage between Bensheim and Darmstadt.

Current breakdown map from Vodafone

This incident map was last updated on May 21, 2021 at 6:22 PM. You can find a more recent version in the Vodafone Crash Report. There we try – as much as possible – to help you solve the problem.

Vodafone blackout map

Affected cities and regions

  • Munich
  • Frankfurt am Main
  • Berlin
  • Leipzig

The most common disorders

  • DSL connection (37.74%)
  • TV connection (22.33%)
  • Log in (2.67%)
  • Mobile Internet (13.09%)
  • Mobile Communications (10.16%)
  • Phone (11.02%)
  • Website (2.98%)

Report a bug

Error report from netzwelt.de

We constantly measure the availability of Vodafone servers and services and show you any issues or crashes. Here you can find the current Vodafone error status, support addresses and messages from the manufacturer about this issue. There you can also find out if the disorder is a local or a supra-regional problem.

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You can always see current crashes and issues in our crash report. There we list the major internet service providers, network providers, online games and streaming services. You can also use our speed tester to test if there is a problem with your particular streak.

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