Duchess Megan helped Chrissy Teigen after her miscarriage

Her miscarriage was perhaps one of the hardest hours for Chrissy Teigen. But the model has gotten help from Duchess Megan at this point in her life, Teigen reveals now.

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It can be the start of a great Hollywood friendship. Duchess Megan and model Chrissy Teigen seem to have become friends during the tumultuous and tragic time the two women had to endure. Teigen has now revealed this in an interview with Andy Cohen on his web show “Watch What Happens Live”.

The starting point was exactly the miscarriage Teigen had recently suffered: “You wrote to me about my baby, Jack. She’s really cool and friendly, just like everyone says it.”

Teigen had a miscarriage in 2020

In September 2020, Teigen and her musician husband John Legend had to put up with the loss of their unborn child and then Megan helped her send a message. In March of this year, Teigen got a chance to return the favor. When Oprah’s sexy interview was aired and Megan faced heavy criticism over it, Teigen was one of the first people to stand by her on the network.

On “Watch What Happens Live,” the model has now revealed that it doesn’t stop there. The two women also exchanged ideas separately. But she was not given “extra tea,” so there is no information other than the scandal interview, Teigen reveals. “I think she was very open with what she shares openly,” Teigen sums up.

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