According to research by Business Insider, internal email has permanently destroyed the Supervisory Board and Business Council’s trust in the VW Diess boss. So the top management hacked the message to the staff representatives.

The leaked mail was about laying off thousands of jobs

According to the report, the excitement began with an email conversation between Dess and his strategy team in mid-September. For “People Transformation”, the CEO requested “Target Image 2030” to build, decompose and restructure employees in Volkswagen AG. Numerous emails followed, back and forth, and Deiss wrote something in a letter, only a few characters surreptitiously placing 30,000 or 35,000 jobs in Wolfsburg ready to be grabbed. Realizing the explosion, Volkswagen strategists asked to be commissioned to work on the “target image”. The request was submitted, and the response was dis.

No job board member is on the internal email distribution list. However, it only took a few days for the important email from CEO to employee representative to get hacked. Job boards could see the head of Volkswagen secretly cutting every second job at its parent Wolfsburg plant.

The board of directors forced Dis to withdraw his mandate

According to a Business Insider report, Business Council Chair Daniela Cavallo conveyed the message to the Executive Committee of the Supervisory Board. The eight members did not hesitate and demanded that Des submit a report on September 23. The owners of the families Porsche and Beech and the Prime Minister of Lower Saxony Stefan Weil (SPD) and Cavallo Dies have told his behavior was unacceptable. He could not carry out such extensive planning without the Works Council. This cultural disconnect will not be tolerated. Finally, the Presidency forced the VW chief to withdraw the order from the email.

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However, Des insisted and insisted on the need to change something quickly. Just 24 hours after being reprimanded, the head of Volkswagen reported the supervisory board meeting under the “miscellaneous” item and again spoke of downsizing. Compare the situation with the BMW plant in Birmingham, which he once ran for years. The management there acted hesitantly for so long that it was too late. He wanted to save Wolfsburg from this fate.

“He should simply have been silent after the Presidency meeting,” says one member of the supervisory board. The Higher Committee feels deceived and deceived by Dies.

As you can hear from supervisory board circles, it is now up to Deiss whether he can continue. Supervisory Board members will discuss this in mediation committees in the coming weeks.


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