Telekom problem: the company provides the reason and other details about the outages

On Tuesday (February 22, 2022), Telekom reported widespread disruptions to its internet and mobile communications.

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At Telekom, there were failures across Germany on Tuesday. The Internet and the mobile phone network are affected. The group is now offering an update.

Update from Tuesday, February 22, 2022 at 8pm: Nationwide unrest continued in the internet and mobile phone communications. As Telekom announced in a Twitter post around 7:30 PM, the reason for the failures is now clear. “The reason is a Voice-over-LTE error. Our advice: With iOS, the call setup works automatically after about 20 seconds and the iPhone switches to a 2G network, writes the “Telekom Helps” account.

For Android, the kit has one directions in which Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) can be deactivated. Like Telekom on their phone website He writes that the damage is caused by storm damage affecting the overhead lines. “That’s why forces from all over Germany have been brought together to remove the damage, and we are working hard to repair the unrest,” she says. However, this may take longer in some areas than in others. “We are asking our customers for a little patience and understanding at this point,” the group wrote.

Germany-wide disruption at Telekom – Internet and mobile connections affected

First report on Tuesday, February 22, 2022 at 3:50 pm: Kassel – There is currently widespread disruption at Telekom*. Several users reported various issues.

The number of reported outages has risen sharply since 12:00 PM: On Tuesday afternoon (22/02/2022), more and more users complained of internet problems and outages of phone connections.

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Telekom malfunctions: Internet and mobile communications damaged – group reports reported at around 1.30pm. Approximately 6000 reports of reception failures or disruptions. Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Nuremberg and Stuttgart are particularly affected.

After 2 pm, Telekom finally opened Twitter Reported disturbances. Currently, there are occasional weaknesses in incoming and outgoing mobile phone calls over LTE (Voice-over-LTE), as well as SMS and mobile voicemail. “GSM telephony over the 2G network will not be affected,” the post says. Recently, Telekom’s service team tweeted on February 17 that the storm damage has yet to be repaired and that this is ongoing. However, it is unclear whether there is a link to today’s unrest. (as) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

Even many Telekom customers are threatened with termination in the near future*.


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