Katherine Heigl reveals the reason behind the release of

Finally, Katherine Heigl (42) spoke plain text! Since her exit from Grey’s Anatomy in 2010, there have been many rumors surrounding the question of why the actress suddenly left the successful format. Among other things, the Izzie actress is said to often act unprofessional on set and shouldn’t get along with her co-stars. Almost 11 years after she left, she’s now working on the real reason why her series ended.

In an excerpt from the book How to Save Lynette Rice’s Life: The Inside Story of Grey’s Anatomyreleased on Friday Catherine Apparently she admitted: She left the series to focus primarily on her pregnancy. “I created a family, changed everything. I changed my desire to work full time. I went on a family vacation and became [Mutter], and that completely changed my view… This was really the turning point.”The 42-year-old explains. Before returning from maternity leave, I spoke to model Shonda Rhimes (51) who would like to write her from the series.

Above all, the two of them were discussing how Catherine They can bring their professional and private lives under one roof. In the end, the television doctor came to the conclusion that there is no fair compromise on how to manage both without one having a negative effect on the other. “Then I waited at home until I got the official approval that I was out of the series. The rumors that I refused to come back were completely untrue.”Today mom confirms to three kids.

The main characters of the series "instinct anatomy" On the set of the first season in 2005

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The main actor of “Grey’s Anatomy” on the set of the first season in 2005
Grey’s Anatomy characters George O’Malley and Izzie Stevens
Katherine Heigl at the CMT Music Awards in Nashville in June 2017


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